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Rodney Stuckey exits game vs. Cavaliers with dizziness

Sound scarily familiar?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Rodney Stuckey only played 12 minutes in the first half against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night before having to leave with yet another injury. But the injury wasn't just another nagging body ache for the often-injured guard; Stuckey left the game with an all-too familiar bout of dizziness.

Stuckey has missed (or left) a handful games throughout his career due to dizziness, including a nationally televised collapse in March 2010 against ... the Cavs.

Coincidentally, the game in which Stuckey collapsed was a couple games before the Cavs started an eight-game winning streak (which included a win against the Pistons). That was the last time, before beating the Pistons tonight, they had at least a four-game winning streak.

Not sure what the diagnosis is with Stuckey that has caused him to become so dizzy so often in his career -- maybe it's from taking off so many layers of warm-up shirts before entering a game (see below) -- but, in all seriousness, let's hope it gets figured out and doesn't cause him any further problems.