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Charles Barkley rips Pistons as a bunch of 'idiots'

While praising Andre Drummond during his record-breaking performance in the Rising Stars challenge, Barkley had a harsher assessment of Dre's teammates.


It's one thing to think it to yourself or say it amongst a group of close friends, but when a national pundit rips your team it not only hurts but makes you want to fight back and defend your team.

Those were my thoughts when Charles Barkley ripped the Pistons as "idiots" while praising, and excluding, Andre Drummond from his critique. This was during a break in action during the Rising Stars Challenge, where Drummond had 30 points, a record-breaking 25 rebounds and was named the game's MVP.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

"He's a terrific player who's playing with those other idiots up in Detroit. And they're not going to win," Barkley said.

When the rest of the "NBA on TNT" panel, including Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, questioned that statement, Barkley continued: "They've got some idiots on that team. They've got some talented players who are not going to ever get it."


I mean, yes, I've thought it. Yes, I've probably even said it. But nobody talks about my mama team.

Barkley didn't name the "idiots" in question, but one can probably easily guess that they would include the only Pistons that Sir Charles could probably name.