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Talking Pistons on The Lottery Mafia podcast

The fine folks at The Lottery Mafia podcast asked Detroit Bad Boys to dish on Josh Smith, Maurice Cheeks, Andre Drummond and more!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever read one of my rambling 1,200-word columns and thought to yourself, "If only I could hear Sean Corp reading it out loud"? Well, have I got a treat for you!

The Lottery Mafia Podcast reached out to Detroit Bad Boys to talk all things Pistons and we had a great time dishing on everything from the Josh Smith signing, the future of Greg Monroe, the firing of Maurice Cheeks and the early results under John Loyer, and the greatness of Andre Drummond (and his level of intelligence -- don't worry, I set them straight).

Heck, when a podcast is able to include a shout-out to Kim English and find time to spend a couple minutes talking about Tony Mitchell and Peyton Siva, you know we covered everything.

The Lottery Mafia podcast and its parent site are dedicated to covering the teams forgotten by the coastal-based mainstream press that are smaller-market and not perennially in the playoffs and Eastern Conference finals. The Pistons, I supposed, wouldn't have applied, but are tailor made for the Lottery Mafia treatment for the past five years.

Please enjoy!

Also, let us know in comments what you think of this whole podcasting thing. Lord knows the personalities at Detroit Bad Boys love to get their thoughts out there, and we've discussed dipping our toe into the podcasting world before. Would the Detroit Bad Boys community be interested? What would you like to see from a show as far as segments to include, things to avoid, etc? Also, two words: Theme. Music.