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NBA trade rumors, smoothies and more

A morning shootaround the league a couple days before the NBA trade deadline.

Jared Wickerham


Even though reports out of New Orleans during All-Star weekend were that trade talks "are as slow as it's been in a long time," there's still plenty of rumormongering going around like a bad cold:

-- The Kings supposedly offered Isaiah Thomas and Ben McClemore for Rajon Rondo ... It was rejected. The Celtics reportedly want two unprotected first round picks. Goooooooood luck. More in a minute.

-- Pau to PHO? Maybe, so says Sean Deveney.

-- Interesting note in the link directly above: Daryl Morey has made a deadline deal every year he's been at the helm for the Rockets, but this might be the year that streak ends.

-- The Memphis Grizzlies are talking with the Minnesota Timberwolves about trading for Chase Budinger and J.J. Barea, according to Yahoo! Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen are mentioned names that could go to Minnesota.

-- The Brooklyn Nets reportedly have interest in acquiring Jarrett Jack, who the Cleveland Cavaliers signed to a three-year guaranteed deal this past offseason. The talks are centered around a Jason Terry-Jack swap. Another speculated swap is Andre Miller for Jack.

-- The Knicks seem to be smitten for Kyle Lowry, and they're reportedly okay with offering just about any guard they have who's not named Tim. The Atlanta Hawks -- and Jeff Teague -- could enter the mix to facilitate a deal, too.

-- Heartwarming story: The 76ers signed a local high school student with down syndrome to a ceremonial two-day contract. Hey, he can shoot threes -- maybe the Pistons want to trade for him and give an extension?

-- Speaking of someone who can hit threes, the Warriors are getting calls for Harrison Barnes (41 percent), but are unlikely to trade him unless it's a blockbuster.

-- Danny Granger is reportedly drawing interest from around the league. What will the Pacers do?

-- Kevin Love unhappy in Minny? DO SOMETHING, SOMEONE.

-- Stay on top of all the NBA rumors with SB Nation's NBA Trade Rumors page.


-- The Starters, a/k/a J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas, asking NBA All Stars what they would put in a smoothie and what they would call if they were to sell it was wildly entertaining:

Noah was all, like, your questions stink...wait, no, that's my fingers:


-- President Obama said Stephen Curry is the best shooter he's ever seen. High praise, prez. I agree!

-- Dwyane Wade doing good, both on and off the court.

-- OT: Faces of Olympic figure skating.