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John Loyer thought team's energy, concentration level was 'very disappointing' vs. Bobcats

In the first of two straight games against the team directly ahead of the Pistons in the standings, John Loyer' felt his players lacked the energy and concentration he planned to instill after taking over for Maurice Cheeks.

Psst, hey, I'm very disappointed in your effort right now.
Psst, hey, I'm very disappointed in your effort right now.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Three games into the interim John Loyer era and nothing really has changed. Of course, Loyer's only in the middle of his second week as head coach, with time to implement change scarce; it'd be unfair to expect much change. But Loyer was hoping to see an intangible difference right away, and he said it was "very disappointing" to see an absence of it in a game with some playoff implications [via Detroit News]:

"Especially a game against somebody that we're fighting with (to get) in the playoffs," he added. "I just thought our energy level, our concentration, would've been better. I mean, there's no reason to think that it wasn't gonna be."

There were 50 games worth of reason, and maybe Loyer's energy isn't as infectious as many would hope.

The players understand it, though, and it's concerning when the players are openly admitting that the effort, the least they should provide, isn't all there. Will Bynum is the latest Piston to talk about a lack of effort after a loss [via]:

"We have to have energy; we have to play with passion. These are critical games for us, every game is a playoff game and we can't give up games like this or we'll find ourselves on the outside looking in if we continue to do this."

That's where we'll find them, too, if things don't change for the better very soon. Time is not on the Pistons' or John Loyer's side. I'm sure the back-end of a back-to-back in a city over 500 miles away from home will do just the trick, right?