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Pistons vs. Sixers final score: Drummond, Monroe dominate Philly, 113-96

For once, a game at the Palace was never truly in doubt.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons had little trouble dispatching the under-sized, undermanned Philadelphia 76ers, winning 113-96. The victory was only the ninth at home for the Pistons.

Who Stood Out

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. The Motown attack was led by its young big men, who combined to shoot 18-of-21 from the field with 26 rebounds, five steals and five blocks. And the two achieved those numbers in just 52 minutes as this game was over early and both sat late. The Sixers simply had no size that could account for Monroe on the block or keep Drummond out of the paint and off the boards.

Also scoring 20 points for the Pistons were Brandon Jennings and Kyle Singler, who notched his second career double-double. Josh Smith did a little bit of everything on the night, including poor shooting. But he was able to combine those shots with a team-high seven assists and nine rebounds to go with nine points.

What Stood Out

Size. The Sixers just couldn't match up with the oversized lineup of Detroit. The Pistons won the rebound battle 58-44 and had eight blocks compared to two for Philly. Detroit also got to the line at will, with five players shooting at least five free-throws. The team was 24-40 overall and Drummond's 2-5 mark was even better than Smith's 1-5 showing. Yuck.

The Sixers were missing dynamic point guard Michael Carter-Williams, who was out with shoulder soreness. His replacement, Tony Wroten, kept the Sixers afloat early by dishing the ball inside to teammates cutting into the paint, but eventually Philly's inability to make a jump shot caught up with them and the offense went stagnant.

Wroten finished with 18 points and had five assists but six turnovers. Nobody else really did anything of note for the 76ers. The team had 38 made field goals on the night and six of them came outside of eight feet.


  • Evan Turner, who I sometimes see as a "target" of the Pistons in their search to trade Greg Monroe for a unremarkable small forward, was pretty terrible. He had 15 points and five turnvoers. Just say no to Turner, everybody.
  • Speaking of Turner, he got into a little skirmish with Jennings after flicking the ball at Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Jennings stuck up for his rookie teammate by throwing the ball right back at Turner. Both received technical fouls.
  • Rodney Stuckey pulled himself out of the game after going 0-4 in nine minutes. He was apparently experiencing dizziness.
  • One of the true highlights of the game was any time they cut to audio of coach Maurice Cheeks, who was mic'd up for the game. It was as nonsensical and hilarious as his post-game pressers.

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