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NBA Trade Deadline: Cavs land Spencer Hawes for two second-round picks

The Cleveland Cavaliers must still have their sights set on a playoff berth.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers pulled off the first deal of NBA Trade Deadline Day, swapping big man and 3-point threat Spencer Hawes for two second-round picks, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski and confirmed by CBS Sports' Ken Berger (the two best in the biz).

There is a chance that one of those second-rounders is one originally belonging to Orlando, meaning the Sixers get at least one and maybe two high second-round picks in the upcoming draft. Second-round picks are sometimes viewed as even more valuable as low first-rounders because teams have more flexibility as far as guaranteed money and years.

With the move the Cavaliers have obviously shown themselves as a team still very much thinking playoffs this year as Hawes is an unrestricted free agent after the season. This move is all about winning now. Another thought that popped into my head upon hearing the news? You know who would look great next to Spencer Hawes? Josh Smith! C'mon, Cleveland -- let's do a simple Luol Deng for Josh Smith swap. Hell, the Pistons could then trade Deng to a real contender in exchange for a low first-round pick. Pick up the phone(s), Dumars!

UPDATE: Woj has an actual story (click over and give those well-deserved page views to Yahoo and not just his Twitter account!) that indicates more will be headed to Cleveland in addition to the two picks. It might be just salary to make the deal work or it might be something of actual value.