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VIDEO: Kyle Singler gets dunked on, falls over

Klay Thompson dunked over an aggressive Kyle Singler, posterizing and, as a result, embarrassing him.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the dunk in GIF form via CBSSports:


And just look at Kyle Singler after the play, falling into the camera men, as pointed out in a Vine by friend of the blog Brady_Green:

Let's just be glad that Singler didn't tear a knee ligament or anything on this play, because it would've looked bad on those Warriors laughing in his face near the end of the Vine. As if it wasn't bad enough for Singler, his hustle also got him whistled for a foul on the play.

This was not nearly as embarrassing as the DeAndre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight last year, but considering the fact that Thompson isn't a prolific dunker and Singler's funny fall at the end, it is pretty highlight worthy nonetheless.

UPDATE: Jim Ross treatment:

UPDATE: Punch Out version: