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Pistons vs. Warriors final score: Detroit shows stripes in folding late vs. Golden State

The NBA's worst fourth quarter team did it again on Monday night, falling completely apart in the final minutes of an otherwise competitive basketball game.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What happened:

The Pistons had a chance to steal one from a good Western Conference foe, but the fourth quarter woes reared their sporal, moldy, fungal heads again. Up two going into the fourth quarter, 83-81, the Pistons scored just 13 points on 21 percent shooting in the final 12 minutes and lost by eight, 104-96. The Pistons would have been (slightly) better off allowing Josh Smith to shoot threes all quarter (okay, maybe not, but he is a 23-percent shooter from three this year).

The Warriors were vulnerable in their first of a six-game Eastern Conference road trip -- they were playing without David Lee (flu); Andrew Bogut (shoulder) was banged up and fouled out with three minutes left in the game; and Stephen Curry struggled for 30 minutes. Lucky for Golden State, the Pistons are prone to not showing up in fourth quarters, and Curry is.

The Pistons would've drilled their shots in the fourth quarter if the Warriors hadn't stopped them. While the Pistons missed almost everything, Curry made all of his attempts in the fourth, including the dagger with 32 seconds left to put the Warriors up by the final score.

It likely wouldn't have mattered if the Pistons had another couple shots down by six anyway. They made four three pointers in the first half at a 57-percent clip, but they were 0-for-6 in the second half, and they didn't make a single field goal in the final 4:11 of the game.


What stood out:

-- The fourth quarter. The second half. The Pistons scored 62 first-half points and only 34 in the second half.

-- Josh Smith scored 18 points on 24 shots. For comparative purposes, Kyle Singler had as many points on 11 shots, and Singler was killed in the first quarter.

-- The Warriors hit 13 threes on 31 attempts (42 percent), fourth most against the Pistons this year.

-- The Pistons (STILL) need shooters!

Who stood out:

Aside from Josh Smith for the wrong reasons, despite the fact he nearly recorded a triple-double (18 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists), I'd say ... the refs. The total foul calls were pretty even overall, but the Pistons were whistled for some really weak calls, especially the two in the final two minutes of the game, which helped the Warriors pull away. The loose ball foul on Singler with 2:04 was especially bad and should've been two points for the Pistons. Instead, it resulted in two freebies for Curry and what should've been only a three-point deficit became seven. The calls were so suspect that the perpetually positive George Blaha was actually dishing out passive aggressive commentary.


-- Andre Drummond had 11 points, nine rebounds and three blocks, but he was responsible for guarding Jermaine O'Neal who scored four of his six baskets with Drummond checking him. They also got into a little bit of a tussle, resulting in a double tech. O'Neal tried to go after Drummond after dragging him into the first row of floor seats, but the 20 year old took the high road.

-- Greg Monroe scored 23 on 20 shots and grabbed eight rebounds. He was matched up with the injured Bogut, at least to start the game, and Bogut was ineffective.

-- Curry finished with a near triple-double for the Warriors with 19 points, nine assists (four turnovers) and eight rebounds.

-- Brandon Jennings and Will Bynum outplayed Curry -- until the fourth quarter.

-- Draymond Green, playing in front of his college coach Tom Izzo, had six points and five rebounds in 20 minutes, including a couple steals and a blocked shot.

-- Pistons led by as many as 10 in the first half and more than doubled up the Warriors' points in the paint.

-- Box Score

-- "This is not a disaster. An earthquake is a disaster. Your grandmother having Alzheimer's so bad she doesn't even know who fuck I am, that's a disaster. This is a good thing. This is a blessing." -- Harold Ramis, as Ben Stone's father in 'Knocked Up', which could also be repeated for the Pistons losing right now. Hope you caught the other few quick references in tribute. Rest in Peace to the alchemist of comedy.

-- The Pistons are four games back of the No. 8 seed. They are at Spurs on Wednesday and at Rockets on Saturday. Goooood luck.

-- Roll Call

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