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Pistons vs. Spurs final score: Detroit overwhelmed, outscored in San Antonio, 120-110

Eight Spurs scored in double figures as the Pistons lost their first of two in Texas, 120-110.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What happened:

Defense didn't make the trip to the A&T Center on February 26, as the Pistons' 110 points were 10 points shy of the victor in their homecoming.

Playing in their first home game since Feb. 1, the Spurs had some dust to shake off, but once they got re-acclimated, it wasn't much of a contest for the Western Conference's second-seeded team.

The Pistons played surprisingly well through the first 142 points of the game, about midway through the third, as it was tied 71-71. But a 10-2 Spurs run was too much for the brittle Pistons to overcome.

Although it was close for two and a half quarters, and the Pistons actually led by as many as six, it never felt like the Pistons were going to be able to steal a second straight game from the Spurs.

The only aspect of the game that was ever in real question was the 10.5-point spread. Luckily for all those people who had faith in the Pistons to cover, Austin Daye sucks for the Spurs now and Peyton Siva hit an otherwise meaningless three with five seconds left. Yes, Peyton Siva played! More on that in a minute.

What stood out:

EIGHT Spurs scored in double figures. Danny Green and Jeff Ayres were the only Spurs who played over 10 minutes to not score at least 10 points. Marco Belinelli led the way with 20 on EIGHT shots. EIGHTS.

Who stood out:

Josh Smith's first half was one of his better first-half performances in his career. He had 20 points on 8-for-12 shooting, five assists, five rebounds and two steals. A stat line that would make any fan married to the belief that Josh Smith sucks at basketball stray for some strange for the night. Don't worry, when the lights turned on in the second half, Smith revealed a 2-for-7 shooting line, two turnovers and just one rebound and assist.

Andre Drummond's night was the opposite. He had 14 points, 11 rebounds and two steals in the second half after somewhat of a struggle in the first half.


-- The Pistons shot 4-for-7 from three in the first half and only tried three in the second half. Peyton Siva, who shot the long ball well in the D-League, hit one of them when the game was already over. The Pistons need some outside shooting, so let Siva chuck some.

-- Kyle Singler was 4-for-4 in the first quarter and 5-for-5 in the first half, so naturally, he took only three shots in the second half (and made two).

-- Brandon Jennings was dealing with a toe injury throughout the game and did not even play in the second half. So his season injury report now consists of getting punched in the face by Game, a tooth ache and a sore toe.

-- The most points scored in the 2005 NBA finals was 102 by the Pistons.

-- Seriously, Austin Daye sucks. Popovich let him play in the fourth quarter and he missed two free throws (although only one counted because of a Spurs lane violation) and then he forced an ugly turnaround later, which he, of course, missed.

-- Manu's shoe.

-- Box Score

-- Pistons are 3.5 games out of the No. 8 seed and the same number games out from being the 4th worst in the East. Defying the laws of gravity!

-- Roll Call

At least the Pistons beat the Spurs in their own GameThread...

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