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Pistons vs. Magic final score: Detroit smoked out of Orlando, 112-98

The Pistons were outscored 31-17 in the second quarter and never recovered from there.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What happened:

The second quarter. The Pistons and Magic played to an even score in the first, third and fourth quarters (81-81), but a major let down in the second quarter was where the wheels fell off initially. The Pistons never seemed in it after turning the ball over seven times and allowing the Magic to shoot 57 percent in the second. They would be down by double digits for much of the rest of the game, falling behind by as many as 20 in the fourth quarter before a few garbage-time buckets.

What stood out:

-- Maurice Cheeks started Kyle Singler in place of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Wrong lineup change. The second-quarter lineup was Will Bynum, KCP, Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko and Greg Monroe. Wrong lineup. Ooooooops.

-- Bynum got into it with Cheeks during that second quarter [via MLIVE]:

Bynum and Cheeks got into a heated confrontation during a timeout early in the second quarter. Bynum was complaining off to the side after he was pulled from the game when Cheeks confronted him. The two went at each other verbally for several seconds before it was broken up.

-- George Blaha was actually trying to ease the pain by bringing up the playoff hunt in the middle of the third quarter.

-- Remember, this was the game that was supposed to be on ESPN, but the network dropped it in favor of the Blazers-Knicks game. I'm certainly glad the embarrassment that the Pistons continue to be was not advertised for a national mid-week audience.

Who stood out:

Brandon Jennings, for mostly the wrong reasons. The miss-shots-first guard was 5-for-23 shooting (2-for-10 from three) and was a total stomach ache to watch pull up for shots all night -- it didn't matter if he was wide open, stepping back or getting blocked four times. He did have 10 assists (only 3 turnovers), but it's really, really hard to remember any of them. I imagine they were off the rim to Andre Drummond.


-- Josh Smith was good. It's just too bad he did it in a game in which the Pistons got waxed by a 14-37 team.

-- Okay, to be very fair: Smith nearly brought the Pistons back by himself. Down 20 in the third, Smith scored 11 straight Pistons' points and 13 of their next 15, helping to cut the deficit in half.

-- Box Score

-- Victor Oladipo had 20 points off the bench. He was unstoppable in the second quarter, shooting 4 for 4.

--  Kyle O'Quinn had 8 points, SIX (6!!) blocks and 5 rebounds. Nice game for the second-year bearded man out of Norfolk State.

-- Pistons play eight of their next nine games at home, where they're remarkably worse.

-- Roll Call

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