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2014 NBA All-Star Game: Andre Drummond drafted by Team (Grant) Hill

A pair of former Pistons, Grant Hill and Chris Webber, did the honors of drafting the 2014 Rising Stars teams. Team Hill was lucky enough to land Andre Drummond with his third pick.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond was selected by Team Hill in the 2014 Rising Stars Draft on Thursday night during 'Inside the NBA' on TNT. He was the fifth overall pick and Hill's third selection.

Perhaps partial to the Rookie of the Year award, seeing as he shared the 1994-1995 award with Jason Kidd,  Hill selected Damian Lillard with his first pick after Team Webber made Anthony Davis the first overall pick. Hill followed that up with Bradley Beal and then picked Drummond after Team Webber selected Michael Carter-Williams.

Shaquille O'Neal played Vanna Black with his double-doubles -- and dumb, pretending not to know who Andre Drummond is when Hill said he was going to go big with a "fellow Detroit Piston, young fella, defender, rebounder, presence inside..."

By the way, former Michigan man Chris Webber drafted Tim Hardaway Jr. and TREY BURKE, so Wolverines fans will get to see those two run the floor together again.

You can watch the draft here.

The entire rosters, in the order in which they were selected, are below:


Anthony Davis

Michael Carter-Williams

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Trey Burke

Jared Sullinger

Mason Plumlee

Victor Oladipo

Kelly Olynyk

Steven Adams


Damian Lillard

Bradley Beal

Andre Drummond

Harrison Barnes

Terrence Jones

Giannis Antentokounmpo

Jonas Valanciunas

Dion Waiters

Pero Antic