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Reports: Lionel Hollins, John Loyer candidates to replace Cheeks

Maurice Cheeks is gone. Who replaces him?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

While the shocking news of Maurice Cheeks' firing is just settling, the next obvious question is who his replacement will be.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that a leading candidate will be current assistant coach John Loyer. Sam Amick of USA Today, meanwhile, is reporting that a leading candidate is Lionel Hollins.

Hollins was replaced by the Memphis Grizzlies late in the offseason, and there were reports that the Pistons targeted Hollins to be a lead assistant on Cheeks' staff. Hollins, however, didn't want to take a step back into the assistant world and preferred to take the year off and wait for a head coaching job to open up.

Well, a head coaching job just opened up and it happens to be in Detroit. And while Detroit seems to obviously be interested in pursuing him, it's not certain that Hollins would be interested in being a mid-year fill-in for a team with an existing playbook in place.

It's too late to install your own offense and defense, and with GM Joe Dumars in the final year of his contract there is no guarantee that owner Tom Gores wouldn't completely clean house in the offseason.

Basically, taking a job in Detroit is like the opposite of job security.