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Fan starts White House petition to have Rasheed Wallace coach Pistons

Only 99,000-plus signatures short as of this posting.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Sadly, the petition has been removed. I'm thinking it was one last anti-Rasheed move by David Stern, who has deep connections in Washington. Conspiracy!

If you didn't think the Detroit Pistons were a joke before, maybe this will help cement it. A fan has started an official petition on calling for the Detroit Pistons to hire Rasheed Wallace as head coach in place of the recently fired Maurice Cheeks.

Hilarious? Yes. Depressing? Sorta. Awesome? Definitely.

I wish I had thought of it, but full credit goes to NBA writer Lang Whitaker for best Rasheed-related tweet since the news of Cheeks' firing first broke on Twitter.

Ball Don't Lie offense. Indescribably awesome.

The White House petition currently sits at 84 signatures, a mere 99,916 short of requiring an official response from the White House. Do you want Rasheed Wallace to coach the Pistons? Do you want an awkward form response from the White House? Then sign the petition, everybody.