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Phil Jackson heading to New York

After recent speculation that he might end up in Detroit as a replacement for Joe Dumars, it's being reported that the former coach and player will take control of the front office for the team where his NBA career began.


"It is official" that Phil Jackson will be taking a prominent front office position with the New York Knickerbockers, according to Greg Anthony of NBATV.

"The deal is done," said Anthony, who cited an unnamed but "good" source for this information. The specific details of Jackson's position and title have not yet been made public.

Jackson began his NBA playing career with New York in 1967, and was a part of their championship teams in both 1969-70 and 1972-73. More famously, he coached the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers to a combined 11 league titles.

There have been many reports that the 68-year-old Jackson was interested in leading a franchise instead of returning to coaching. His volunteer efforts to assist Pistons’ owner Tom Gores last summer had prompted speculation that he might be in line to replace Joe Dumars. Whether there were ever serious negotiations with Jackson or not, it now appears he received the role he wanted with New York.