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NBA Tank Watch: A belated celebration of wins by Celtics, Knicks

And the Pistons blew another lead!


I apologize for this belated edition of NBA Tank Watch, as March Madness has truly consumed my soul. But I crawled out from a ditch where Aaron Craft is hiding out and can happily report on all the goings on among the NBA's worst teams. And those teams, as it turns out, played pretty well last night.

The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks were both playing the Eastern Conference's elite teams -- the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, respectively. And the Celtics and Knicks came out on top! The Lebron James-less Heat were unable to overcome hot shooting nights from Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass while Carmelo Anthony was able to power New York past the Pacers with 34 points in the first game of the Phil Jackson era.

Elsewhere, the Pistons had a seven-point lead against the Denver Nuggets with three minutes to go in the third quarter and found a way to lose by nine, 118-109. That is what happens when Andre Drummond is injured, Josh Smith gets ejected, Greg Monroe needs to rest and suddenly you're relying on Charlie Villanueva and Jonas Jerebko as your "big" men.

Also losing were the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Hornets and Utah Jazz. Way to go losers. On to today's slate!


It's Thursday so it's a light slate, plus everyone cares much more about the NCAA tournament. There is only one game of consequence:

Oklahoma City at Cleveland

Unfortunately, if and when the Cavaliers lose this game, they fall back into a tie with Detroit for the No. 8 lottery slot. After tonight, they face the Houston Rockets and then visit Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks. Cleveland definitely needs to win that game. Do it for Dan Gilbert, guys.

Root for: Cleveland