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Pistons vs. Suns final score: Josh Smith, John Loyer lead Pistons to another loss

Same old, same old in Phoenix.

If you skipped last night's game to enjoy your Friday night or watch March Madness, you didn't miss much. If you've caught a handful of Pistons games this season, then you saw this one.

Josh Smith was awful, hoisting selfish jumpers and disinterested defensively. Perhaps my favorite, most Josh Smith defining shot, came in the first half with a contested fade away jumper from 20 feet on the baseline with plenty of time left on the shot clock. You'll never guess how that shot turned out. He missed all of his eight free throws, putting his free throw percentage at a whopping 47 percent since February. And you'll never guess who led the team in minutes with over 42 minutes.

While John Loyer is taking the same old approach with Smith, he sure doesn't seem to care much for Brandon Jennings. The starting point guard sat most of the second half, finishing with only 14 minutes. But Loyer handed the game over to Will Bynum, because playing him seems to be handing the game over to him.

After providing a nice spark in the first half, the ball dominant point guard helped play the Pistons out of it in the second half, ending with 8 points on 11 shots and 9 assists with 5 turnovers.

Rookies played a total of 8 minutes and 44 seconds, while shooting 2-2 and collecting a pair of rebounds. Bravo.

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe were the reason it stayed close. Monroe didn't have his most efficient night shooting, but filled the gap with nice defense and ball movement. Drummond was quietly dominant presence in the paint, helping the team to a 53 to 39 rebounding advantage.

The Pistons' losing streak is up to 4 games as they take on the Clippers tonight, winners of 11 straight before dropping one to the Nuggets in their last game on Monday.

You'll never guess how this one is going to turn out. Roll call:

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1 Justin Lambregtse 81
2 Kriz 44
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5 Jacob30 13
6 Iron Sheik 12
7 OK from J 10
8 Trout Jefferson 9
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10 tads 7
11 TDP 6
12 jayod 6
13 alaskanpistonsfan 5
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16 awesome.hog 1
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