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Pistons vs. Clippers final score: Paul, Griffin too much for Pistons to handle

Detroit fought hard but could never overcome the talented Clippers squad.

What Happened

The better team one won, and the better team's best players shined brightly. I'm talking about the Los Angeles Clippers, of course, who had four days off and Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on their side in a 112-103 victory against the Detroit Pistons.

The win gave the Clippers 12 victories in their past 13 games while the loss means the Pistons haven't won on the road since beating Washington on Jan 18.

Who Stood Out

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The two biggest stars at the Staples Center combined to shoot 22-32 and score 53 points. You're not going to ever beat the Clippers when those two have it going like that. Griffin added seven rebounds and seven assists while Paul chipped in with 15 assists, six steals and just two turnvoers.

The Pistons were led by Jonas Jerebko who matched a career-high with 22 points to go with nine rebounds, combining high energy and efficient shooting. As a longtime Jerebko supporter it was nice to see.

The Jith (Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings), meanwhile, shot 11-32 and committed seven turnovers. Speaking of Smith, this item comes from David Mayo's recap:

Josh Smith clanged a 3-point attempt midway through the shot clock after a Pistons timeout with 5:35 left in the third quarter and the Clippers leading 68-58.  Smith was lifted at the next dead ball and was slow to leave the floor.  He jawed at head coach John Loyer, who jawed back as Smith walked away.

So yeah, there's that.

Young big men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, meanwhile, had solid if unspectacular nights at the Staples Center. Monroe shot 6-of-12 for 12 points, nine rebounds and three assists. Drummond had 16 points and 12 rebounds in the loss.


I'm reserving all my bullets for Pistons fans who just want a way out of this madness.

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