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NBA Rumors: Izzo responds to Pistons rumors by saying he is happy at Michigan State

No matter how much truth there is behind it, this rumor will be a permanent fixture until the Pistons hire their next coach.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo says he is happy at Michigan State University and that he has "so much more work to do" at MSU.

If that sounds familiar, it is what happens every time his name crops up in NBA coaching rumors with the latest being a report from USA Today's Sam Amick, who said of Pistons owner Tom Gores: "One name he is expected to go after is Tom Izzo at Michigan State."

Now, as rumors go, you can do a lot worse than Amick, who is one of the more solid reporters in the business. Still "expected to go after" is not an indication of any serious gumshoe reporting. There's no telling if Amick is basing this off any first-hand reporting or if this is just sort of out there in the ether of NBA gossip circles.

All the same, Izzo addressed the matter when interviewed on Sportscenter Tuesday afternoon.

"I've always said I'd never say never to anything because you never know what it brings. But I got so much more work to do here. I have a great president, a great AD and a football coach that I really get along [with]. So this is a pretty good place for me right now. We're in a pretty good spot. Program's in pretty good shape. Ain't broke so why fix it?"

Not an equivocal no, but he doesn't sound like a guy who's itching to leave either.

We've covered the Izzo to Pistons rumors before, most recently on Feb. 14. This is what I said when that news broke:

As far as how he fits with Detroit, I would say remarkably well. As is often the case, it is best to look through this situation and consider what it means for franchise cornerstone Andre Drummond. And I'd say Izzo and Drummond would fit remarkably well.

Izzo emphasizes toughness, intensity, execution, defensive accountability, rebounding, and working for opportunities in the paint. His tough-guy approach could work well with the incredibly gifted Drummond, who has responded well to coaching of all stripes since the first moment he stepped on the floor.

And considering the talent base the Pistons are working with -- offensively skilled young big men, guards and wings who have trouble breaking teams down off the dribble, athletes that can get out and run -- his offensively philosophy meshes well with Detroit's current crop.

But there is a reason that not many coaches make the transition from the college to the pros. It's just not that easy to take these hard-charging, detail-oriented, coaches and put them in charge of millionaires and expect them to get the same kind of buy-in as they get from 18-year-old kids.

What's your take? Would Izzo make a good coach with the Detroit Pistons? Sound off in the comments.

The same still applies today, of course, though I think I would choose not to end two sentences in the same paragraph with remarkably well. So it goes ...

What say you, DBB Nation?