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NBA Tank Watch: Nice one, Lakers

The Lakers manage to hand the Bucks their 14th win of the season for a key loss in the Tank Watch.

Harry How


The battle for the top pick got interesting last night.

Philadelphia 76ers set a new NBA record in their blowout at the hands of the Houston Rockets with 26 consecutive losses, so congratulations are in store for them.

But the league's worst record got a little better. The Bucks went and managed to steal a win against the Lakers thanks to a combined 52 points out of Brandon Knight and Ramon Sessions. Their 14th win just barely keeps them ahead of the 76ers, who have only won 15.

More importantly for the Pistons, the Lakers had a great opportunity to close on the Pistons record, as they currently sit with 24 wins compared to the Pistons 26.


There's a full lineup tonight, several with Pistons implications.

Cleveland at Brooklyn: Cleveland has pretty well separated themselves from the Pistons with Dion Waiters buzzer beater on Wednesday, but they're what stand between the Pistons and the ninth spot in the Lottery. The more cushion, the better.

Root for: Cleveland

Los Angeles Lakers at Minnesota: The Lakers head to their original home on the second night of a back-to-back for a mulligan at that 25th win. Let's hope for an upset against Kevin Love and company.

Root for: Lakers

Utah at New Orleans: TREY BURKE and the Jazz have been lousy lately, but they're still within striking distance at passing up the Pistons' record. A win streak down the stretch would be just lovely.

Root for: Utah

Sacramento at Oklahoma City: The Kings have been playing competitive ball for the most part, but the schedule hasn't been helping them out. It certainly doesn't tonight.

Root for: Sacramento

New York at Phoenix: Like the Cavs, the Knicks have built up some cushion ahead of the Pistons. But there's no reason we shouldn't hope for more.

Root for: New York

Boston at Toronto: Rajon Rondo's return hasn't help the Celtics improve their record, but their schedule hasn't been easy. The Raptors beat them in Boston earlier this week, but get a rematch in Canada tonight.

Root for: Boston