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Bad Boys links: James 'Buddha' Edwards, Isiah Thomas, John Sally, Bill Laimbeer and more

The Pistons play a game against the two-time defending champions on Friday night, but they also celebrate the 25th anniversary of their own back-to-back champs. Here's a little shootaround to prep for that.

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-- The first link is for MFMW. James 'Buddha' Edwards did a little Q&A with MLIVE.

Where’s the weirdest place someone has called you Buddha?

Oh my gosh, everywhere, just everywhere I go. It’s like I never really left here.

What are your expectations for this ESPN "30 for 30" coming out next month and what do you think the fans should expect from it?

Well, the "30 for 30" thing is probably for the respect we didn't get back in the day when we won the two championships. You know, nobody really liked us. And with the way we played, nobody really liked us except for the people of Detroit. They could understand the hard work that we did out on the floor, but we didn't really get any respect (nationally) after we won those two championships. Nobody really talked about us at all. But we have to go down as one of the best defensive teams in NBA history.

What are all these reunion events this week going to be like for you?

It will be great. It's like we're brothers, and we'll always be brothers. During the four years I was with the Pistons, I spent (a full) four years with those guys - every day in practice. You can't forget anything like that. We're all just like brothers.

Read the entire Q&A at MLIVE. (If you didn't notice, the first link in the excerpt of the interview is a link to an interview MFMW did with Buddha years ago. Classssic, Bad Boys.)

-- Terry Foster has shed some interesting light on the Bad Boys era with his columns leading up to Friday night's celebration. Finding his archive wasn't easy, so I've done you a favor and linked his 10 stories here:

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-- Some interviews via Dave Pemberton

For more videos, check out Dave Pemberton's Twitter timeline.

Question of the Bad Boys night:

Will you tune in or will you be too consumed with the Michigan/MSU madness?

Now, your Bad Boys thoughts.