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Drummond’s offensive rebounding performance getting historic

Andre Drummond is climbing the all-time performances for single season offensive rebounding totals.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the 2013-14 season, Andre Drummond has been pulling away from the rest of the league on the offensive rebounding leaderboards. He's been having a fantastic season overall on the glass, currently second in the league overall and third in rebounds per game with 13.1. But it's on the offensive boards where he's been truly dominant.

His 325 offensive rebounds lead the second place DeAndre Jordan by 79. There are only two players in the league within 100 offensive rebounds of Drummond. His offensive rebounding percentage of 17.4 percent is the highest the league has seen since 1998.

He's unlikely to contend for Moses Malone's single season record of 587 back in 1979, but he's well on pace to find a nifty spot in the rankings. With 22 games remaining, Drummond is on pace to finish with 444 offensive rebounds, which would be good for the 14th best performance in league history.

Drummond is already seventh in Pistons history, just passing Ben Wallace's best season last night. He's almost a certainty to end the season second in franchise history, with Dennis Rodman currently holding the mark at 367.

Those are some fancy names to be among. And, of course, Drummond is only 20 and in his second season in the league. Taking this into account places him in an even higher class of players.

Among players 20 years old or younger, Drummond currently ranks fourth in offensive rebounds and will almost certainly surpass John Drew's 357 mark from 1975. The only players currently ahead of him are Elton Brand and Shaquille O'Neal. He's 17th among players in their first two years, but could challenge Hakeem Olajuwon's mark of 440 that he notched as a rookie in 1985.

His production has been nothing short of incredible. Offensive rebounds are the anti-turnover - they generate another possession for an offense. They create another opportunity to score after a missed field goal, often a high-percentage shot.

With Greg Monroe also annually among the league's top 10 offensive rebounders, the two create an incredible competitive advantage for the Pistons. The team is currently first in the league in offensive rebounds with 213 more offensive rebounds than the league average. That's an extra 213 possessions that the Pistons wouldn't have had.

It's easy to point to Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings' remarkable ability to miss shots to shrug this dominance, but it'd be unwise to do so. The team is right at the league average for field goal percentage, meaning Drummond and Monroe are not getting some extraordinary number of offensive rebounding opportunities. Additionally, Drummond's offensive rebounding was one of the elements of his game that thrived as a freshman at Connecticut and has steadily improved.

Enjoy the show.