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Raptors bringing back the purple; should Pistons bring back teal?

The Toronto Raptors announced that they are going to bring back that purple from the 90s for a few games, which begs a very important Pistons-fashion-related question.

NBAE/Getty Images

Next season is the Toronto Raptors' 20-year anniversary in the NBA, so it makes sense that they would bring back their retro jerseys from their inaugural season. The team announced on Friday that they would wear their purple 'dino' jerseys for select games, and they had former Piston Amir Johnson tease it with a single tweet fashion show:

The Raptors' first season in the NBA was 1995-1996, the last season before the Pistons scrapped the blue, red and white, and curiously entered the 'teal era.'

The 'teal era' was the sad, lost era of Pistons basketball between the glory days of the Bad Boys and the good half of Joe Dumars' reign as GM. They weren't easy on the eyes -- the colors and logos often matched the play.

The 'teal era' wasn't all that bad, though. I'd trade it for these last five years and an unprotected draft pick. In the first year of the teal uniforms, the Pistons started 20-4, were playing on Christmas Day against Michael Jordan, as Grant Hill was budding into a bona fide star in the league, and they ultimately made the playoffs four out of five seasons. Ben Wallace's first season as a Piston was in teal. The Pistons all-time single game scoring record was done in teal. It was only five seasons, but for as much as we wish it never did, teal happened.

So I say get a little (more) gimmicky to match the halftime entertainment and bring back the teal for a game or three. If nothing else, Josh Smith will look good in it, chucking up long twos.

What do you think? Do you think it would be cool to see the Pistons playing in the old teal for a game or two, maybe in a a couple years?

Now, your thoughts.