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Pistons vs. Bulls final score: Pistons blow another huge lead, Andre Drummond has another huge game

Chicago mounts big comeback thanks to defense, hustle.

Jonathan Daniel

What happened

The Detroit Pistons stormed out of the gates and took an 18 point lead going into halftime. The Chicago Bulls responded with renewed defensive effort in the second half. 18 point lead down to 10 entering fourth. Ten point lead turns into eight point loss in 106-98 embarrassment.

You could just see how much more players like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and DJ Augustin wanted to win. They set better screens, hustled for every loose and tipped ball, and ran the floor harder.

Who stood out

Andre Drummond, of course. Drummond finished the night with 26 points and 26 rebounds. He became one of only 13 players to have at least 26 boards and points and the first since Al Jefferson two years ago. The 26 rebounds also matched Drummond's career high. He joined Ben Wallace (twice) and Dennis Rodman (11 times) as Pistons players to corral at least 26 rebounds in a game.

He really deserves better than this. Let's hope that a new GM and a new coach can build a team around Drummond that he deserves.


  • Greg Monroe, Kyle Singler and Brandon Jennings were all terrible. Enough said.
  • Rodney Stuckey was the only consistent source of offense for the Pistons, and when that is the case you're usually in for a rough night. He finished with 22 points on 10-of-18 shooting.
  • Of the young guns, Jonas Jerebko (though he's really a vet), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Peyton Siva saw playing time. None really did anything with their time on the floor on either end.
  • Siva mixed in some really ugly misses with some solid long-range baskets. He had no assists, however. Hopefully he can keep developing his 3-point shot and when there is a more coherent team around him he can mix in his passing ability and defense to be a legit candidate as the primary backup point guard next season.

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