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NBA Salary Cap: Teams under the cap

With an extra $5 million in every team's pocket, it's time to examine just who has money to spend.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent announcement that the salary cap was rising by nearly $5 million next season, Detroit Bad Boys examined just what that meant for the Detroit Pistons and the possible price tag of restricted free agent Greg Monroe.

The verdict was the Pistons will end up with about $9 million to spend if they retain or sign-and-trade Monroe and about $20 million if they simply let him walk away or take back only a trade exception. But the Piston won't be the only team with money to spend, of course. Today we take a closer look at the status of team's set to be under the salary cap.

Teams with Cap Room

While the Pistons might be staring at roughly $20 million in cap room, they are certainly not the only team with ample money to spend. Here is a rough estimate of teams around the league without the specific math on draft picks, and roster holds. There are notes on decisions teams will have to make about pending free agents, etc.

Evaluate possible Greg Monroe suitors at your own risk.

Team Cap Space Notes Realistic Cap Room
Utah Jazz $31 million Gordon Hayward ($8.6 million hold) likely to be extended ~$22 million
Phoenix Suns

$30.7 million

Eric Bledsoe ($6.6 million hold), PJ Tucker ($1.1 million hold), Channing Frye has $6.8 million player option that is factored in but he could opt out. ~$20 million
Philadelphia 76ers $30.6 million Seven players under contract w/o options. Not ready to spend quite yet. ~30 million
Los Angeles Lakers $25.9 million Assumes they renounce rights to Pau Gasol. Likely Waiting for 2015 free agent bonanza. ~25 million
Charlotte Bobcats $21.6 million Will be competing for all prime free agents ~$21 million
Detroit Pistons $20.6 million Monroe poised for extension beyond $10 million cap hold. ~$9 million
Orlando Magic $18.1 million Jameer Nelson $8 million only $2 million guaranteed. ~$24 million
Cleveland Cavaliers $17.4 million Assuming team picks up last year of Anderson Varejao and does not pick up last year option on Alonzo Gee ~$20 million
Milwaukee Bucks $15.4 million Likely to pick up option on Khris Middleton, make qualifying offer to Ekpe Udoh ~$15 million
Atlanta Hawks $15.3 million Likely to pick up options on Pero Antic and Mike Muscala ~$13 million
Miami Heat $55 million Don't think they'd drop James, Wade and Bosh to get the cap room. None
Dallas Mavericks $32 million Need to re-sign Dirk, and will probably bring back one or both of Marion and Carter. Minimal
New York Knicks $29 million Amar'e and Bargs would need to opt out. Not happening. Carmelo might bolt. None
San Antonio Spurs $28 million Duncan would have to retire and team would have to cut Parker. Not happening. ~$8 million
Toronto Raptors $26 million Likely to waive Salmons but pick up Johnson, Hansborough, Patterson, Vasquez. Would like to re-sign Lowry. ~$12.7 million
Washington Wizards $16 million Could try to re-sign Marcin Gortat and maybe Trevor Ariza too. Could be in play for Monroe. ~$16 million
Sacramento Kings $15 million Rudy Gay has monster $19.3 million option he is likely to exercise. Need to pony up to keep Isaiah Thomas. None
Memphis Grizzlies $10 million Only have cap space if Zach Randolph opts out of deal. Might pay to retain Ed Davis. Minimal
Chicago Bulls $16 million Would only amnesty Carlos Boozer if team thought they could lure big-name free agent like Carmelo Anthony or maybe Lance Stephenson. ~$16 million
Boston Celtics $10 million Likely to retain Avery Bradley who has a $3.5 million qualifying offer and $6.2 million cap hold Minimal

In the next installment of this series, Detroit Bad Boys will examine just who the free agents might be.