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Stan Van Gundy wants Otis Smith as his GM in Detroit, according to report

The Detroit Pistons are reportedly offering Stan Van Gundy full control of the front office in addition to head coaching duties, but that doesn't mean that he'd necessarily serve as the general manager. Instead, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that SVG would "look closely at hiring former Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith." It's hardly a done deal, though, as Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press reports "Smith is just one of several names under consideration for GM spot under Van Gundy - if a deal is consummated."

Smith was general manager of the Orlando Magic from 2006-12, hiring Van Gundy in 2007 and standing with him until the bitter end when they were both let go. If the two are reunited in Detroit, the power structure would be reversed, with Van Gundy apparently having complete control in the front office while allowing Smith to handle the day-to-day duties. It sounds like a situation not unlike what Doc Rivers enjoys with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he serves as vice president of basketball operations while Gary Sacks serves as the GM. 

As excited as I am about Van Gundy's potential arrival, I'm less thrilled that Smith might come with him. Overpaying for mediocre players is what ultimately cost Joe Dumars his job -- and Smith has a history of doing the same. As Orlando Pinstriped Post points out, Smith was responsible for three of the NBA's worst contracts in 2013 (as judged by Bill Simmons at Grantland): Rashard Lewis, Glen Davis and Jason Richardson

But whether Smith is coming to Detroit or not, it sounds like the Warriors are convinced SVG is headed there: