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Stan Van Gundy on Pistons mutiny in 2011

New Pistons head coach and president of basketball operations had strong opinions on the embarrassing Pistons mutiny in 2011.


I'd rather not relive it, but here's Stan Van Gundy on the 2011 Pistons mutiny [via Freep, emphasis mine]

"All of us have problems with our bosses at times, but you don't choose to just not show up for work," Van Gundy told Dan Le Batard on WAXY-AM (790) in Miami in March 2011. "That's about as childish and unprofessional as you can get. And, clearly, that illuminates some of the Pistons' problems right there.

"When you've got that many guys with that little toughness and professionalism on your team, it wouldn't matter who is coaching them - you're not going to be very successful. They've obviously got the wrong guys in that locker room."

Only Will Bynum from that 2011 team is currently under contract for next season with Greg Monroe entering restricted free agency, and Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey becoming unrestricted free agents this summer. Bynum, Monroe and Villanueva were not part of the mutiny, or at least showed up for work when others didn't.

Now that Van Gundy's in charge, he will get final say as to which guys will be in the locker room for the Pistons. It's safe to guess he will not let something like the 2011 mutiny happen under his watch, because he will not acquire the type of players who would do such a thing.