What do you want to hear from Stan Van Gundy at his press conference?

Sam Greenwood

Stan Van Gundy...Welcome to the best sports city in the world!!! First order of business, your introduction presser at 4:15 PM ET today. Normally, I wouldn't expect much preparation for someone who put their scribble on the dotted line less than 48 hours ago. However, if the rumors are true that you gave a player-by-player presentation to Mr. Gores during your interview, as well as stating what you'd like to accomplish in the first 100 days of your tenure, then I assume you may have answers to many, if not all, of these questions.

These are questions I hope SVG may address during his presser today, whether on his own or asked by the media. They are in no particular order.

  • Will you retain Rasheed Wallace on your staff (or any of the old coaching staff...Loyer included)?
  • Do you plan on coaching the Pistons Summer League team?
  • What do you see as the Pistons biggest weakness? (Offense, Defense, certain positions, team cohesion, etc.)
  • What specific pieces, other than also being President of Basketball Operations, attracted you to the Pistons?
  • Concerning the draft, if we keep our pick, would you prefer to draft BPA or positional need? And why?
  • Would you have interest in the Pistons both playing in the Orlando and Vegas Summer Leagues? If not, why?
  • With your previous notion that you didn't put a high value on Offensive Rebounds, how do you feel about inheriting two of the game's best offensive rebounders?
  • Also with your previous notion that you didn't put a high value on steals (due to gambling on defense), you have a few players that are decent at getting them (Jennings - meh, Singler, KCP, Monroe and even Drummond), what do you plan to do with that?
  • How much did the Pistons having had so many coaches in such a short time, to go along with your being put in the ringer twice before, play into you wanting to also be President of Basketball Operations?

I know some of these question have no weight, and I know there are likely other questions that I could come up with. I tried to keep them as generic as possible as I'm sure he's not going to immediately throw anyone under the bus (Do you think you can trade Josh Smith by the beginning of next season?).

Do you have any other questions, serious or joking, that you'd like Ron Jeremy Stan the Man to address during today's presser?

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