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Stan Van Gundy's press conference open thread

Conference scheduled to begin at 4:15 p.m.


The Detroit Pistons will hold a press conference to introduce Stan Van Gundy as head coach and president of basketball operations today at 4:15 p.m. ET. The press conference will be streamed live on or you can hit up the direct link to the live stream right here.

Usually these press conferences cover pretty standard ground with the head coach giving vague, noncommittal answers. Van Gundy, however, is known for his honesty and ability to hit a topic and go off on epic, informative and entertaining rants.

Stan Van Gundy

The media will likely ask him about a number of pressing topics but there is no telling how much he'll divulge on any specific issue. Among those issues are:

  1. The future of restricted free agent  Greg Monroe
  2. The future of Josh Smith, who is coming off of his worst season
  3. Whether the big three (Monroe, Smith and Andre Drummond) can co-exist on the same team next year
  4. What he sees as the future of Drummond's game
  5. The fate of the current coaching staff, including interim head coach John Loyer who is under contract for one more season. But, honestly, more importantly, Sheed, right?
  6. Potential GM hires and the timetable for bringing someone else inside the organization
  7. Trades, drafts, etc.
  8. Pressure to win now while also building for long-term
  9. Fate of executive staff including George David and Ken Cantanella
  10. Defense, defense, defense.
  11. What about Will Bynum?

DBB reader XstreamINsanity already covered what is on his press conference wishlist here. Hopefully he can check off a lot of those boxes.

Detroit Bad Boys will be watching the press conference alongside all the diehard fans, popcorn in hand.