Isiah Thomas a partial owner of the Pistons?

So I'm at work, I'm doing "work", and I'm watching/listening to FirstTake on my phone. Today's special guest, Isiah Thomas.

While talking about Magic Johnson/Donald Sterling, this happens...(paraphrased).

Stephen A. Smith: "'ll be fine whether you coach again, are a part of basketball, or whatever. My sources even say, and you can correct me if I'm wrong or you can confirm it, but I even hear that you're seeking partial ownership of the Detroit Pistons."

Isiah Thomas: *grin* *chuckle* *sigh*

Stephen A. Smith: continues.

My question would be, is Tom Gores already shopping, or is this him just trying to get more of the Bad Boys involved in the team for publicity purposes? If FirstTakes posts the video on YouTube at some point, I'll share it.

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