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Detroit Pistons 2013-14 player grades: Greg Monroe

Two free agent acquisitions, one lottery pick, and a full season of Drummond and Monroe, and the Pistons matched their twenty-nine win total from a year ago. DBB staff hands out the credit and the blame in our postseason grades.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It was a year of change for Greg Monroe. A new position, a new starting lineup, new coaches, but he still brought production you can set your watch to.

Greg Monroe: 3.04

brgulker: Greg Monroe hasn't taken the next step...yet. This might have been the season for him to do so, but poor pre-season roster management and even worse in-season coaching kept Moose from becoming the player I am hoping he will be.

revken: Monroe was squeezed by the addition of two players who dominated our offense, moving to power forward, and the increased role for Drummond. Still he was efficient in a reduced role, and performed well when Coach Loyer increased his usage.

Mike Payne: Despite being marginalized, Monroe maintained. I couldn't have asked for more from Monroe this season, and I won't ask for more from him until Josh Smith is gone. You shouldn't either.

Shinons*: The standard talking point entering the season was that Monroe would struggle next to Drummond. Not only did he perform next to Drummond, he also performed next to about the worst small forward the duo could possibly be paired with. The most efficient shot in the game is inside 5 feet from the rim. Drummond and Monroe were second and third in the league in attempts within five feet, and the Pistons were second in the league as a team.

He still has more work to do, particularly on the defensive end, and it would have been nice to see a clear step forward in the overall numbers. But only 12 players in the league put up 15 points and 9 rebounds, and only three were 23 years old or younger.

Sean_Corp: Moose did not have a great season but that was not entirely in his control. Still, you would have liked to have seen more development in his outside shot, in his ability to not turn the ball over as he starts his high-post moves and in his incessant whining for fouls. Also, a new coach will hopefully install a more effective scheme for Monroe that doesn't ask him to run out past the 3-point line to show against the pick and roll. Because Monroe can't do it and it detroys the team defense when he is asked to.

That being said, 15 points and nine rebounds from a young big man on a disaster of a team is an awfully nice down year. Hopefully we can see him continue to improve as the No. 1 option on the Pistons next season.