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How Andre Drummond learned Stan Van Gundy was hired

Andre Drummond was in Spain last week to support NBA 3X, an NBA-sponsored 3-on-3 tournament for teenagers. Remember that video last week of the guy dunking after doing a backflip off the backboard? That happened at NBA 3X:

And it looks like Drummond had a pretty close view of the action:

But I digress: What I find amusing is that while Drummond was getting ready to leave, he was apparently completely unplugged from the developments that had all of us so preoccupied. In a "Postcard from Andre" diary posted Friday on, he explains how he learned about his new coach:

I know we have a new coach in Stan Van Gundy. He called me the other night and I didn’t even know he had been hired because I didn’t have my TV on. It was about 10 or 11 and I was getting ready for my flight. I heard we had a new coach and by the time I turned my TV on the phone was ringing and it was coach Van Gundy. He sounds excited and ready to go.

I don't know why, but that story cracks me up -- he still strikes me as incredibly down to earth (even if he drives a cooler car than most of us).

(Hat-tip: DBB reader XstreamINsanity in the comments)