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Talking Pistons draft woes on the Jim Costa podcast

Talking losing the draft pick, Stan Van Gundy, Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, second-rounders and more.


While still slightly shell-shocked from the unfortunate developments during the NBA Draft Lottery, I took a time out from my misery and spent some time talking Pistons basketball with Jim Costa of the Jim Costa Sports Talk podcast.

During our roughly 20-minute discussion we cover a lot of ground, including the aftermath of losing the first-round draft pick, why the amnesty wasn't used, the futures of Greg Monroe and Josh Smith, possible second-round picks and free agents, and, most importantly, what Stan Van Gundy can bring to Detroit.

Perhaps most depressingly, Jim put me on the spot and asked me who I was hoping the Pistons would take with the No. 8 pick had they kept it. Talk about twisting the knife!

The last time Detroit Bad Boys was a guest on a podcast with the Lottery Mafia, and we told the horde at DBB about it, it became the most-listened-to in the podcast's history. Let's have history repeat itself. It's only 30 minutes long and I am, of course, right about everything, even when Jim disagrees with me.

The more of these things you listen to the more likely it is that maybe someday Detroit Bad Boys will start a podcast of its own. So make it happen, people.