On This Day in Detroit Pistons History

Might as well add some insult to injury with that sad-sack Pacers loss ...

On May 24th, 2004, 10 years to the day, Tayshaun Prince did the signature play of his whole damn career.


Here's Tayshaun, talkin' about that top-notch moment.

That was the moment I had a real solid feeling that Detroit could take it all the way. Before that? They were such a solid defense, but you never knew if they could 'pull a rabbit out of a hat' before that point, especially when it came to close games, of which they weren't very special, especially on offense, as a team. But a badass defensive moment like that? Suddenly, everything was possible.

I will never, ever, forget that play. And I'm ashamed of myself for alllllmost missing the anniversary of it!

Hats off to The Palace Prince. Thanks for the great memories. No buffoonery. :D

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