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Report: Pistons' GM job is Stu Jackson's 'if he wants it'

Have the Detroit Pistons found their man?

Stu Jackson, then head coach of the Knicks, poses in 1990. (The 90s were weird, man.)
Stu Jackson, then head coach of the Knicks, poses in 1990. (The 90s were weird, man.)
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The Detroit Pistons and coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy might have found their man to be the team's general manager. And that man appears to be the recently interviewed Stu Jackson.

This comes from Matt Dery of Detroit Sports 105.1, who tweeted the news (h/t to PistonPowered who had it first):

A few things to consider, Dery's source is unknown, and Dery's source is just a single source. Obviously, Dery was comfortable with this connection enough to still report the news, but everyone should take it with the appropriate skepticism.

Detroit Bad Boys previously covered Jackson's viability as a candidate when news broke of his impending interview for the job:

In Jackson, the team would certainly have someone fully capable of managing the day-to-day responsibilities of an NBA franchise. He is also presumably someone who has positive working relationships with both the league office and the front office of several teams.

It's harder, however, to look at his tenure as a general manager of the Grizzlies and come away with a solid sense of any skills for drafting, player development or putting together a winning roster.

Thinking more about the possible hiring of Jackson, I think it's best to pass judgement on the move only when looked at more holistically when considering the entire executive team that Van Gundy puts in place. There are several functions that team executives must execute and, candidly, Jackson does not check off all of those boxes. And he especially doesn't seem to check off the boxes that are most important to frustrated Pistons fans.

But Jackson wouldn't be the only person brought on board. It would be hard for me to fault Jackson's draft history if the team hires a team of scouts with a history of success in identifying contributing players in the second round, undrafted or overseas. Similarly, while Jackson doesn't appear to be part of the trend of executives with MBA's from top schools who are leading the analytics revolution in the NBA, it won't matter that much if the team hires an executive with that background. And the team has already indicated it is keeping its head of analytics Ken Catanella on board.

On a scale of Drummond breakaway dunk to Josh Smith 20-footer with 18 seconds left on the shotclock, how do you feel about the Pistons possibly hiring Stu Jackson?