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Watch every dunk from Andre Drummond in one 11-minute supercut

You know that feeling of immense joy you get from watching Andre Drummond dunk the basketball? Not much went right for the Detroit Pistons this year, but no matter the score, no matter the record, all was right in the world for at least a few fleeting seconds when Drummond grabbed the ball and unleashed his special brand of fury on the rim.

Now that the offseason is here and Drummond has taken his talents to Jamaica, you might think you need to wait several months before experiencing that moment of dunk-induced bliss again. But fear not! Thanks to intrepid YouTube user DownToBuck (whose previous compilations includes such legendary hits as "Austin Rivers career high 27 points full highlights" and "Hasheem Thabeet career high 13 points/10 rebounds first career double-double"), we can relive EVERY SINGLE DUNK from Andre Drummond's sophomore season. That's 183 dunks in one 11-minute supercut. Sit back and enjoy.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to thank DBB reader MichiganBillsFan84, who brought this to our attention with a FanShot.