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Comedian Martin Lawrence is an honorary Piston

Ohhh-kay [Bill Laimbeer color commentary voice]

Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America

Comedian and [Detroit?] Bad Boys actor Martin Lawrence was on Jimmy Kimmel last week before Game 1 of the NBA finals and told a story about how he has a jewelry box with a 2004 championship ring inside it from the Detroit Pistons.


Because he (unsuccessfully) tried to make Chris Webber laugh his way into signing with the Pistons in 2001 for Joe Dumars. Dumars did not forget Lawrence's efforts three years later, so he sent him an honorary ring anyway -- maybe because it didn't work, as the Pistons may not have won a championship if Lawrence's comedy was more convincing. Or maybe Dumars was just a big Martin fan, which was set in Detroit.

I know -- it's as weird and random as Austin Daye being on the Spurs and potentially getting a ring ... but not quite as weird and random as a Joe Dumars bust inside a pelican statue.

Below is the clip from Kimmel: