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Andre Drummond did a mini-AMA

AMA stands for 'ask me anything unrelated to Josh Smith taking a lot of terrible shots.'


The Detroit Pistons' star big man Andre Drummond participated in a mini-AMA (ask me anything) for @NBA_Reddit, answering several questions from reddit's NBA community during Game 3 of the NBA finals.

Drummond talked about Al Jefferson being his toughest match up, what he's working on this offseason, Sheeeeeed, his pre-game ritual and, amongst other things, the fact he's looking into finding an acting coach.

Two questions Drummond obviously would not dare entertain were about Josh Smith's shot selection:


Also, thankfully, I did not see any references to that one girl from that thing.

In all, Drummond answered about 13 questions. You can check out the entire Andre AMA over at reddit.

H/T to Balibago for the heads up in the FanPosts.