Post-Draft/Pre-Free Agency Thoughts and a Josh Smith Metaphor

Hey there Pistons fans. We're in the lull of the player movement storm that is late June and early July for the NBA. After the draft, everyone seems to be catching their breath before the next flurry hits. I thought this would be a good time to chat about how things are coming together (or falling apart, depending on your viewpoint). A few things to get us started...

-The Pistons have to make a decision on Peyton Siva by July 12th (here) when his contract becomes fully guaranteed. Fortunately, the Orlando Summer League only goes from July 5-11, so SVG will have a chance to see him play in person before making a decision. Could this be the last we see of Siva?

-The Miami Heat have just cleared (reportedly) $55 million in cap space with James, Wade, and Bosh opting out, and Haslem not opting in to his $4.6 million contract. (I'm not sure if there is a difference, but that's how I saw it reported.) My big question for you CBA buffs out there: does Miami still have Bird rights on these guys? If so, could Miami spend $55 million on the cream of the free agent crop, and then resign James, Wade, and Bosh to create the most talented team to ever play without having USA on their jerseys? Because, yikes.

-I'm sure there are people who'd like to express their opinions on Greg Monroe, just in case someone didn't get to chime in earlier, so feel free to dive into that again. For the record, I say match anything.

-Finally, I've always thought of this Scrubs clip as a metaphor (right word?) for how the process of Joe Dumars signing Josh Smith went down. In this scene, Smith is represented by Turk, and the Janitor, Ted, and the Lloyd are the different sides of Dumars. Oh, and The Todd at the beginning probably has to be Chunky Charlie, because even Smith could laugh at the Pistons last attempt at a free agency power forward.

Scrubs - Turk Dance (via TurtleDoodle)

The only difference is that the Pistons were still worthy of being "mercy flush" after Smith was added.

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