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Jeff Bower resigns from Marist, hasn't officially signed with Pistons

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As of last night, Jeff Bower still hasn't officially signed his contract to become the next general manager of the Detroit Pistons -- but all accounts, the two sides are very close. (Given my luck, as soon as I hit publish the press release announcing the move will hit my inbox.)

But even if Bower hasn't put ink to paper with the Pistons, he has resigned as head coach of Marist College -- the news currently leads the front page of the school's athletics site.

"I have a lot of respect for Jeff and the job he did in his time at Marist," Marist Director of Athletics Tim Murray said. "He laid the foundation for the program moving forward and I feel that this is a great opportunity for our next head coach. I wish Jeff the best of luck as he leaves Marist for a very specific and compelling NBA opportunity."

Bower, meanwhile, has avoided the press for now. From New York's Poughkeepsie Journal:

"I can't comment on what everyone wants me to comment on right now because it's not at that stage yet," Bower told the Poughkeepsie Journal Monday after he met with Marist's assistant coaches. Bower said he would likely be at liberty to discuss the matter further Tuesday.

Bower, an assistant coach at Marist a lifetime ago from 1986 to 1995, spent 14 months as head coach of the Red Foxes before returning to the NBA. Murray admitted that he expected Bower would eventually leave -- just not so soon. Again, from the Journal:

"I did feel at some point he would go back to the NBA," Marist director of athletics Tim Murray said Monday. "I didn't think it would be so soon."

[...] "I think it's a hell of an opportunity for him," Murray said. "I do feel that he wanted to make this work (at Marist) and did not have intentions of leaving so soon."