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Peyton Siva's fate likely to be decided by performance in Summer League

With 2014 draft pick Spencer Dinwiddie out for summer league, 2013 second-round pick Peyton Siva becomes the point (guard) of focus.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It probably doesn't need to be written, but Peyton Siva's future with the Detroit Pistons is touch and go. He signed a minimum contract with the team last August with a non-guaranteed second year valued at $816,482. That second year becomes guaranteed in the middle of July.* The Spencer Dinwiddie pick did not exactly do Siva any favors.

With Dinwiddie ruled out for the Orlando Summer League, though, Siva will receive added minutes and more opportunity to impress first-year team president and head coach Stan Van Gundy, who will be paying closest attention to the 2013 draft picks.

According to Vinnie Goodwill at The Detroit News, Siva's contractual fate could be sealed by how he plays in Summer League:

The Pistons have until July 12* before Siva's contract is fully guaranteed for next season, so Summer League will be big. He came on toward the end of last season when he received extended playing time, but Pistons president and coach Stan Van Gundy intimated Summer League likely would decide Siva's future.

Siva played 15 minutes a game over his last 10 games of the season in the months of March and April, showing promise as a point guard who takes care of the ball and hustle on defense, but not much else. By all accounts, he works his tail off and is a great teammate, but that's all probably not enough, especially at 6-foot.

What I imagine could happen either way, unless Siva wows in Summer League, is the Pistons waive him. If he clears waivers -- that is, another team doesn't pick up his second year within 48 hours -- the Pistons could then re-sign him to a summer contract for camp, or a guaranteed minimum salary again. Unless I'm misunderstanding something in the CBA, if he makes the team, he'll earn a little more than last year's minimum and saves the Pistons a few hundred thousand bucks. That's practically nothing, but I could see SVG being meticulous like that.

Orlando Summer League is July 5-11.

*StoryTellersContracts says Siva's contract is not guaranteed if he's waived before July 15, not July 12.

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