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NBA Free Agents 2014: Chauncey Billups' contract option declined by Pistons

Billups will be a free agent while he considers retirement.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons announced on Monday evening that they will not be picking up the second year on the contract Chauncey Billups signed last summer which would have paid him $2.5 million for the 2014-2015 NBA season. Billups is free to test the waters when free agency starts at midnight, July 1.

Stan Van Gundy and Tom Gores released statements on the Pistons legend:

"Chauncey Billups will always be a valued member of the Detroit Pistons' family. Decisions like these are always difficult to make and we certainly wish Chauncey and his family the best in the future." - Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy

"Chauncey Billups embodies what it means to be a member of the Detroit Pistons. His leadership, dedication and excellence both on and off the court provide a great example for aspiring young athletes. He will forever be a welcome member of the Pistons family, and I am confident that after his playing days are over he will have a long and bright future in this league." - Pistons owner Tom Gores

This is the second time the Pistons organization has sent Billups packing, but this is the first time being right in doing so. I think DBB staffer Shinons* put it best in February:

It's unfortunate, but I do hope he retires. And if he doesn't, his team option shouldn't be picked up. As much as I appreciate his role in the franchise history, this year he's essentially been a huge waste of a roster spot that could have been used for a prospect rather than a second veteran backup point guard. Billups' presence has made it impossible to grab Kendall Marshall when he turned up in the bargain bin, Myck Kabongo when he's playing well in the D-League. ...

Give him his gold watch, hang his number in the rafters, and offer a glowing reference. He's not owed anything more, and there's no sense in the franchise tripping over its own feet to prove he's appreciated.

Billups, 37, intimated recently that he'd like to finish his career under his own terms -- "father time is undefeated, man". ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted that Mr. Big Shot will take the next two weeks to consider his options:

Now your thoughts -- or favorite Chauncey Billups memories.