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NBA rumors: Free agent Trevor Ariza draws interest from Pistons

The Pistons are reportedly one of the many teams who have interest in free agent Trevor Ariza.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Early reports didn't connect the two, but we didn't make it to 2 a.m. ET before the Pistons popped into the Trevor Ariza rumors:

A story by an ESPN writer earlier in the day said the Pistons were one of the teams expected to pursue Ariza.

Yes, SVG has history with Ariza. Ariza was traded to the Magic with Anfernee Hardaway in 2005-2006 for Steve "Franchise" Francis and had one of his better seasons under SVG in 2006-2007. However, Ariza then -- incapable of hitting threes -- didn't fit the SVG system and thus, fell out of favor with him the next season. After just 11 games, he was traded to the Lakers for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans.

Detroit sports radio host Matt Dery tweeted us the following:

Maybe once was enough. Maybe there's more to what happened in 2007. All I know is that Ariza is a good defensive player and hit over 39 percent of his 651 three-point attempts over his last two seasons (47 percent vs. the Pistons) and would be an immediate upgrade at the small forward position for the Pistons.

That said, as Shinons* already wrote, Ariza probably falls outside the price range Stan Van Gundy's willing to spend. Ariza's not a home run, but SVG intends to spread the Pistons' available cap space across value players as opposed to big names who will require more than half of what the Pistons have to spend.

Revken's look at key free agents provided a good guess as to what kind of deal Ariza will pull this offseason after knocking down 41-percent of his threes while averaging 14.4 points and 6.2 rebounds per game for the Wizards:

He made $7.7 million last season, so expect him to be looking for a three to four year deal for $9-10 million per year.

If I were SVG, I'd pass on that, too.


Detroit Free Press beat writer Vince Ellis confirmed the Pistons' interest in Ariza via Twitter today: