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NBA Free Agents 2014: Anthony Morrow, Pistons will meet

Former New Orleans Pelican shot over 45 percent from 3 last season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What do you do after your team finishes 29th in 3-point shooting? Easy, you try and sign the best available shooter on the free agent market. That's where the Detroit Pistons finished and that's what the Pistons are doing.

The Pistons will sit down with free agent Anthony Morrow "early" in the free agent process, according to Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News. Morrow shot 45.1 percent from 3 last season, behind only Kyle Korver and Mike Miller who shot 47.2 an 45.9 percent, respectively, according to

Sadly and hilariously, the Pistons finished the year shooting 32.1 percent from deep as a team. Only the Sixers were worse. That's the sad part. The hilarious part is that along with free agent target Morrow, three former Pistons finished the year in the top 12 -- Jose Calderon (4), Arron Afflalo (6) and Khris Middleton (12). Yeesh.

Morrow and the Pistons are one of the most logical free agent-team pairings headed into the offseason, and has been discussed frequently at Detroit Bad Boys. The Pistons biggest need is perimeter shooting and the biggest holes on its roster reside at the wing positions. Morrow checks all of those boxes.

It isn't clear what kind of payday Morrow is expected to command but it should be considerably higher than the $1 million salary he received last year as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans. Morrow signed the deal with the Pelicans after receiving few nibbles from other teams. His deal was originally two years, but the second year was a player option. He turned down the option and is looking to parlay his strong season into a heftier multi-year deal.

And he should have no shortage of suitors this offseason. Although he is the very definition of a specialist, he happens to excel at the one thing every team wants -- 3-point shooting. And he is no flash-in-the-pan. He has shot 42 percent from 3 during his six-year NBA career.

But he's not going to give you much else. He averages less than two free throw attempts per game, and shoots roughly 40 percent of his shots from deep. He doesn't rebound, pass or give you many steals. Still, he shoots and that is exactly what this team needs.

If signed he would likely compete with Kyle Singler for the starting small forward position. A lot might depend on what role the Pistons see KCP playing going forward. If he is largely a catch-and-shoot guy like he was last season, Singler would likely start. If they want to give him more offensive responsibility, Morrow could start and camp out on the perimeter.

We will bring you more as it develops. Now your thoughts.