Espn thinks Monroe likely to change teams


Hate the sound of this, hope they're wrong...

5. Which restricted free agent is most likely to change teams?

Thorpe: I get the feeling that Chandler Parsons ...

Ford: Greg Monroe. The Pistons are saying the right things about wanting him back, but everyone knows that it would be better for all parties involved if he moved on. The Pistons want value out of every deal they make, and I'm not sure that will be possible if they try to re-sign Monroe.

Pelton: Isaiah Thomas. The Kings may not even be able to match...

Penn: Greg Monroe. There are very few quality bigs on the market. There are multiple teams with cap space looking for size. If Bosh stays in Miami, they'll look to Greg Monroe. If someone offers him a front-loaded offer sheet, the Pistons will have trouble matching.

Elhassan: Greg Monroe. I've never been sold on how he fits in Detroit, even if the Pistons manage to extricate themselves from Josh Smith. Monroe doesn't have a reliable jumper, and he's not solid defensively. He's better off starting fresh on another team than trying to be a square peg in a round hole for the Pistons.

Karl: Isaiah Thomas and Greg Monroe! Both guys will find a new team that will pay them well and support their continued development. Monroe and Thomas are gettable.

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