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NBA rumors: Stan Van Gundy reportedly tells Josh Smith to expect to remain a Piston

The 'Josh Smith to the Kings' rumors appear to be dead in the offseason water... again.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn't believe Vince Ellis' confirmation that the Josh Smith trade rumors have "no legs" (you should), then take those of Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski's always-rock-solid sources:

Detroit Pistons president and coach Stan Van Gundy reached out to forward Josh Smith to tell him that reports of the franchise engaging in substantive trade talks with Sacramento centered on Smith have been inaccurate and - barring an unexpected turn of events - Smith will be in training camp with the Pistons this fall, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Sacramento had made calls about Smith in June, but Detroit never heard an offer that remotely interested them and never seriously engaged in discussions, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Since his hiring in the spring, Van Gundy has had productive discussions with Smith and sources say that Smith has been enthusiastic about moving forward with Van Gundy as coach.

Van Gundy obviously does not subscribe to the DBB notion that trading Smith would be an addition by subtraction and may even help make a long-term deal more appealing to Greg Monroe. Unwilling to trade the ill-fitting forward for anything the Kings have supposedly offered, I guess it makes sense that Van Gundy wanted to clear the air with Smith; I just wish he hadn't, and one Pistons fan can only hope Van Gundy ventures down that unexpected turn.