Spencer Dinwiddie Signed

According to numerous sources, including "The Mayor" himself, Spencer Dinwiddie has officially signed his contract with the Detroit Pistons. Of course, it was always going to happen, as a team doesn't draft an injured player only to cut him before signing. However, this is very noteworthy in that this brings contracted players up to 15, leaving Greg Monroe as the only unsigned player left on the roster. If Greg Monroe is brought back (likely), then someone has to go, probably a guard (Will Bynum).

Bynum is the most likely moved player due to his expiring contract and the fact that he is now the least desirable PG on the Pistons' roster from a Pistons standpoint (sorry to all the Jennings haters). It's still possible for Bynum to be packaged in a sign and trade with Monroe for Eric Bledsoe (it's different if our clusterf**k is Bledsoe, Augustin and Jennings, come on, don't tell me that doesn't interest you even slightly), but whatever happens, most likely, due to this signing, one of either Greg Monroe or Will Bynum doesn't make the Pistons roster for opening night.

Finally, let us all become embroiled in the Pistons newest unofficial social media campaign.

It's Ok he retweeted this.

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