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Andre Drummond's high school basketball mixtape ranks among the best all-time

He's No. 8 on this list, but an entirely unbiased No. 1 on ours.

I had admittedly never heard of one of the nation's top recruits Malik Monk until a couple days ago when I saw his electrifying HoopMixtape. It was so electric that it stimulated SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell to create a Top 10 list of the greatest high school hoops mixtapes of all-time, which to my pleasant surprise included our favorite big man Andre Drummond.

Here's what O'Donnell had to say about Drummond's video:

Big men typically don't make the best mixtapes, but Andre Drummond isn't a typical big man. Under the leg dunks and tomahawk slams are impressive from anyone, but it counts for double from a dude who checks in at 270 pounds.

I've embedded the video prominently above for your viewing pleasure -- dim the lights and enjoy.

You can check out the rest of the undistinguished list here.

What do you say, DBB -- what would your Top 10 hoops mixtapes list look like after putting Drummond's No. 1, naturally?