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#NBASitcoms take over NBA Twitter

It's officially the doldrums of the offseason.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The draft, free agency and summer leagues are all but gone, so it must be time for NBA teams to fill in the gaps with ... Twitter hashtags. The topic? #NBASitcoms (after a failed #NBAVegetables). Basically, change the name of a sitcom to make it relevant to the NBA somehow. You'll get the picture soon enough.

The Phoenix Suns kicked things off on Thursday afternoon, and they involved the Pistons:

24 minutes into the game, the Pistons delivered a slam dunk:

My unbiased favorite. (I'm going to pretend they didn't tweet Will Bynum and Grace, which was not only bad, but also unoriginal.)

A few of my other favorites around the league were:

DBB's Mike Payne quickly came up with the following:

Welcome Back Kuester
The Brandon Bunch
Charlie's in Charge (or Villanueva Explains it All)
Dharmond and Greg
I Dream of Jennings
The Jerebersons
Kentavious and Kel
Perfect Singlers
Monroe and Mindy
Popey Brewster
Sanford and Smith
Singler Spoons

Kevin Sawyer came up with not a sitcom: 

Breaking Bad Boys

I'd add:

That Stan Van Gundy Show -- That 70s Show
Datome  -- Taxi 
Kentavious Island -- Gilligan's Island
Singler -- Frasier 
The Andre Drummond Show -- The Andy Griffith Show
Caron Your Enthusiasm -- Curb Your Enthusiasm
I Love Luigi -- I Love Lucy
Luigi and Charlie -- Laverne and Shirley
Spence Dinwiddie -- Spin City 
Happy Dayes -- Happy Days
The (Tayshaun) Prince of Bel Air -- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Pope -- Soap 
The Jonas Girls -- The Golden Girls
Josh SmithCharlie Villanueva, and Will Bynum -- Scrubs

What else you got, DBB? Photoshops get plus points.