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NBA rumors: Isaiah Thomas no longer an option for Pistons, reports Sam Amick

It's time to count the Detroit Pistons out of the Isaiah Thomas sweepstakes, according to nationally renowned (and Sacramento based) NBA reporter Sam Amick.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of Detroit's super exciting Aaron Gray signing comes this disappointing report:

But ... but ... but he just followed the Pistons on Twitter!

It was always silly to read too much into the Twitter thing, especially when you realize that Thomas follows 2,097 people, hasn't tweeted since June 16 and may have a social media guy handling it for him. Also, if you want to get technical, he also followed @Starburst. What does that mean?

Vincent Goodwill previously reported that the Lakers, Heat and Pistons -- in that order -- were Thomas' preferred destinations, and DBB's Sean Corp analyzed each situation. The Heat may have taken themselves out of the running by signing Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger this afternoon, but the Lakers still have money to spend:

It's not yet known why the Pistons are no longer in the running. Did Thomas cross them off his list? Was Detroit's interest contingent on a sign-and-trade (preferably involving Josh Smith and/or Brandon Jennings)? Were the Pistons ever a serious option after blowing half of their cap space on Jodie Meeks?


Now your thoughts.